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Alfredo_lopez ®  D LOGA BULLDOGS  We are in los Angeles California and Dallas Texas
We are a family, who fell in love with this breed, from the first day.
We don’t have any super champion records, or the best of the best. but what we have, is love, passion, dedication and do well our job.
Hoping one day, present a champ from our family. 

Finding the right puppy, our the right breed for your family is hard.
So here some tips for your benefits ;
Consider adoption or rescue in your local bulldog rescue organization. there many , waiting for loving homes.

After you decide  bulldog is right for you, finding a good breeder is the most important part.
Meeting the parents or the Mother gives you an idea of what your puppy may be like.
The surroundings should be clean.
A good breeder provides a health record on papers.
You want to see the pedigree, pedigrees also ensure that you’re getting a purebred bulldog.
Remember cheap doesn’t mean quality. Good luck.  

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